Venus Rx Important Dates

Venus Retrograde – A Few Important Dates (there are so many key dates, here, I’ve cherry-picked a few that are the loudest to me)

August 9th – Venus in Leo Square Uranus in Taurus

  • The pre-quel to the subsequent Cazimi – Uranus is a revolutionary and when they lock sight with Venus she’s inspired to radical change and new perspectives.

August 13 – Venus Cazimi in Leo

  • Cazimi means -in the heart of- and on August 13th Venus will be in the heart of the Sun. The Cazimi in every planet’s retrograde cycle is the point at which they are refreshed, renewed and re-born. It is at this point in the cycle that the main theme of your Venus Rx story will be most clear.

August 21st – Venus in Leo Square Jupiter in Taurus

  • In the last leg of the Venus Rx cycle, Venus is getting ready to get back to her usual duties and Jupiter phones in to let her know he’s sending her resources to facilitate gentle-ness as she comes back from her under-world jaunt. Remember that it is safe to be brand-new.

September 4th – Venus Stations Direct conjunct Juno in Leo and Opposite Eros in Aquarius

  • It’s time to go but…slowly love. As Venus moves, direct and over the same degrees of Leo for the 3rd time, Juno&Eros offer clarity about our Values&Comittments. Who are you in your world? What do you need?

October 8th – Venus exits Post-Shadow

  • She’s finally surpassed the hot patch of Sunflowers she spent 40 days and nights dying in. The bitch is back, and she’s here to shine.

October 9th – Venus enters Virgo

  • The perfect time to look back and note: what has changed since Mid-July? What has fallen away? What remains? What transformed?

Thanks so much to everybody that has booked a Venus Rx reading thus far! If you’re interested in learning more about how this Venus Retrograde may land in your chart, you can book this reading until October 9th. To book the reading check out my current Astro&Tarot offerings by clicking the link below!

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