♀♍Venus In Virgo – Perfection is Possible

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Venus in Virgo is picky. Particular. Precise. Perfect.

Venus is always concerned with aesthetics and comfort. Virgo insists that there is a right way, a perfect way, that is totally obtainable if you just follow the right steps in the right order at the right time. Virgo loses their way when they get hung up on the details. Venus insists that the details be pleasing, be beautiful and symmetrical.

Venus in Virgo understands that perfect beauty is well within reach if we just believe in it (and work for it).

People mistake Taurus (Venus’ garden) for being lazy…but it’s an Earth sign. The Earth signs have grit. The Earth signs see shit through. The only Knight in the Tarot with any follow-through is the Knight of Pentacles for a reason. So, Venus in Virgo? She wants you to work for it (I primarily she/her Venus because that’s how the archetype presents itself to me, feel free to swap in whatever pronouns make the most sense to you). She values dedication.

Venus in Virgo is so hard on herself because she has to be. If she wasn’t: how would she ever get it right?

The thing about Virgo being one of Mercury’s signs is that it’s really concerned with the most granular shit. Mercury ruled signs (and people) understand that the big picture cannot be what it is without all of the moving parts that contribute to it. Venus in Virgo reminds me of the 9 of Pentacles tarot card (which just so happens to be associated with the Venus ruled Part of Virgo, where Venus is transiting right now).

The person in the foreground stands in a garden: Venus in Virgo picked out the perfect spot for every single seed. They used graph paper and computer programs and collages to understand exactly what the garden would look like in the spring when everything is in bloom. They did research on plants native to their area, research on what kinds of seeds are best to support bees etc. Venus in Virgo cannot lavish in the garden if everything is not in its proper place, ethically sourced, and expertly maintained. What you see is this moment of opulence: and none of the consideration and all-nighters that went into making it all real.

When Venus in Virgo remembers that perfection is relative – a moving target – totally made up: she harnesses the power of remarkable cell-level transformation. She becomes the gentlest mirror to those around her.

Ah, the power to transform a dirt patch into a thriving garden: the power of a Magician. Mercury ruled signs do magic and as Venus shuffles through Virgo we all get the opportunity to re-asses our relationship to perfection. We get the opportunity to re-write our definitions of it and re-wire our relationship to perfection. Magic transforms and transformation can be Martian and destructive but in this case it is gentle, necessary, and here to facilitate ease, peace and beauty.

Where can you use a little peaceful transformation? Where is perfection running you ragged? How can you introduce more ease into your pursuit of beauty?

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