Red Cloud Sky

look at that red cloud skyrolling in.o Lord here come thunder,here come rainhere come night,here come me; in full effect.they ain’t ready. red cloud sky let me beeverything that makes them uncomfortablelet me be the wave that cracks their wallslet my becoming be their cloud sky, heralding darkness, let that moon shine through. mother… Read More Red Cloud Sky


If you’re gonna call me she please do it radically. Don’t box me in with it. Don’t paint me woman with it. Don’t imagine me some boring ass caricature you’ve pieced and put together from every sitcom and magazine you’ve come across. I am not the stereotypes. I am not the other people you call… Read More She


Barren. Decay. Useless. The places we used to fill with so much red are so gray now. I sit in the aftermath of our love; part of me wishing that we’d never come here, another part glad for what I’ve learned. I know that someday we will sit together and laugh at who we were. … Read More Palace


My first tarot deck was a black and gold thing with simple line art. It is an homage to the idea that everything is connected by a single thread. Everything has some point of connection to every other thing. Connection is inherent, inevitable, truth. Rigid identity categorization is the antithesis to connection. It says “you… Read More Identity