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Introducing: Cards&Cosmos.

After hearing friends, family, and co-workers tell me for YEARS that I should teach an Astrology course: I am finally ready to do just that….but in my own way.

In putting this offering together I wanted to center reciprocity as well as equity. The easiest way I have found to do that is by offering this course in a relaxed format via Patreon! Head on over there to choose-your-experience.

The Casual Self-Study tier gets you access to once-monthly beginner friendly lessons on Tarot&Astrology plus the entire post Archive (starts with a 7 day free trial for a limited time).

The Tarot and/or Astrology Apprenticeship tier functions a bit more like an apprenticeship where you’ll have access to the same once-monthly teachings plus access to one-on-one tutoring with me and a custom lesson plan(with optional homework) to guide your learning journey.

I also love sharing resources and remember how hard it was to find good Astro&Tarot resources when I started out. If you have a question about something and aren’t sure where to find the answer, chances are I can point you toward a book, podcast, article or course that can help you out. You can also check out my free database of resources here.

This offering is for you if:
-you’re completely new to both Tarot&Astrology and want a solid foundation in both
-you’re pumped about integrating conversations about Intersectionality with Tarot&Astrology
-you’re an intermediate-advanced Tarot practitioner who is baffled by Astrological charts
-you want to learn more about divination and building a spiritual practice

If you’re acquainted with my work and history you know that I have a BA in Psychology and an MA in Sociology with an emphasis on Sexuality Studies which informs the way that I approach Tarot and Astrology. I teach and use traditional-Hellenistic techniques, as well as information from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and because of this: I find it extremely important to discuss the socio-political context these techniques&ideas arose in and the systems of power&oppression they have, historically, contributed to.

I do not just teach Tarot&Astrology, but also how to queer our divinatory tools in ways that bring us into right relationship with each other to assure we are not using these tools to reify the ills of old.

Ultimately, my goal is that Students of Cards&Cosmos walk away with more Astrological fluency and the ability to accurately interpret Natal charts as well as some practical frameworks for interpreting Tarot cards and a deepened connection to your spiritual practice.

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