Horary Astrology Reading




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Horary is a branch of Astrology where the chart of the moment the question is asked (or understood by the Astrologer) is used to answer that question. It is one of the oldest branches of Astrology and does not require a Natal Chart to be done.

It is suited to questions like:

Where is my cat?
Is my partner cheating on me?
Should I take the new job?

Or, in other words: questions that have a yes or no answer and are about the outcome of something.

This reading will be delivered via email in written format within 14 days of payment. (if the issue is time sensitive please let me know and I will do my best to get an answer to you more quickly).

I have been practicing reading Horary charts for a year and a half now (I have taken Adam Elenbaas’ year long course on Horary Astrology).

I am offering these at a very low introductory rate because I am so new to doing them and am looking to gain more experience and increase my accuracy.

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